Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

American Stars Become Royal Beauties- Congrats Traci Kochendorfer

With the Royal Wedding coming up with #PrinceHarry marrying his commoner it has the world up in excitement about crowning and pageants.   For centuries women all over the world compete and make their mark by being crowned.  
From royalty to american royalty.
Now it is getting some stars wanting to make their mark in America.    As you might or not of known Princess Diana is from OHIO.  
Now the princess' essential American connection is her great-great-grandfather, Frank Work, of Chillicothe, Ohio
In fact When Princess Diana got married they were invited to honeymoon in OHIO.  People Laughed.    But today it has changed look at #MeghanMarkle who is mixed raced marrying into royalty.   Obsurd right.  Another royalty prince married a personal trainer.   And believe it or not some Americans have royalty crests.
As such as marked in lines from all the way back when.  As such today it is now helpful due to DNA testing and Ancestery systems.  

The thing that I love is how women of today even those who are over 40, 50 and even 70 and 80 are in the modeling industry with paid jobs.  This includes Pageants.      The big trend hit now is women over 40 on stage being crowned as a pageant queen.      Now it is sparking some stars.   Just Like Traci K .   We are happy to announce for her this most recent congratulations.    So we decided to ask her: 

 GGL- What Made You decide to Do this?

TK-  First Thanks for inviting me and appreciate this.     I have been doing pageants since I was a little girl and even doing it as a fitness athlete.  There are tons of fitness pageants local, state, national and universe.  I actually have former titles as universe.    After I got over 45 and back from military life with injuries.  I couldn't do all the fancy extreme fitness stuff I used to do.  But I also have a platform that is dear to my heart and want to get the word out.  Pageantry is a great way to do this.

GGL-  You are also a singer and artist.    How does this play into being a Girlie Girl Love of pageantry?

TK-  Hmm, well I just recently launched Traci K Beauty  and I actually design fitness and casual wear.  But I got the quirk when I went to a 2017 Oscar Party.  And really had no idea what to buy and my budget is not in the A-list category.  No big designer sponsors an east coast oscar party that is not A List.  But there were little contests.  So I designed and made an Oscar Ball Gown.   I got high applauds from the audience for it.    

GGL-  Wow  you are a busy bee.     If you have anything to share with women your age and older about doing something like this what would you say?

TK-   Do IT.  Women starting over in relationships,  or if you want some motivation to get fit or healthy.   Like myself.  It motivated me also.   Plus you can really inspire and be a role model 

GGL-  How can people find more about doing something like this.

TK-    Well first if you want to do a fitness pageant but not sure or can't travel  Do the online ones.  Like Fitstyle Magazine Fit Body Search or Miss Social Network.     They are all online.  Plus there are online Pageants like Miss Photogenic Miss.   And virtual ones along with live staged events like American Royal Beauty.  

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Girlie Girl Love Stuff- Congrats to Prince Harry's Engagement

We all dream of being a Princess in some way of fashion.  Americans don't really have this sort of thing. Yet we still go crazy over other countries old fashion ruler syndromes and lifestyles.   My opinion of this guy is not really a forth coming and yet this new lady will be some sort of an american princess.  Rachel Markle is her name and as usual the girl always looks better than the guy.  These princes in UK are never Prince gorgeous like Cinderella stories.  I mean come on people you know you would make them beg for a date if they were just off the streets.  And the Red Hair to the Carmel Mocha mixed race LA Girl.  OMG.   Whatever, but the genes in this royal chain is going south.   I am just shocked she got in.  Normally it is imperative to marry within the lines.  
Well we will see....

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