Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Happy National Handbag Day

As a special day for HandBags.   We have a treat.   Neiman Marcus is giving you a chance to get $1000 gift card follow them on instagram #nationalhandbagday with your favorite handbag photo and tag them  plus we are here to give you at


how about designer handbags for less


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Make $5 in 5 minutes and then make $20

So many of us need extra shopping or pampering money or even better we just have bills or we are not working much.  Like me as an Artist we don't really get the high end of the stick out here with job opportunities.   The jobs are just plain slave labor jobs.  We don't spend a ton of money to colleges for high end careers to be treated like slaves out here.   So a lot of us depending how your health is need to look for other ways.   Trust me I am trying them.   Lets get the low and high down on these market research or survey sites.

First let me tell you the ones who do not pay or put way to many terms to just screw you out of money.

INBOXPAYS.COM -  HEY BBB OR CONSUMER UNIONS WHERE ARE YOU on these guys.  I actually made close to $500 and they closed my account no reason except for me complaining about why haven't you paid me.

PANDARESEARCH.COM- Now they are Okay and they do do alright but they scam you out of half your earnings.  Leave it locked in crazy terms that for like over a year I have like $300 that they won't pay out.   Now don't get me wrong I would try it cause you do make money and just make sure you do the ones that qualify on the terms and you won't be half ripped.

FUSHIONCASH.NET-  Now they have some legit things to do and pay but they do some shady tech errors on my account.   For example I had like $10 earned.   And went to do some surveys and boom it was down to $1.58.  What?    How did that happen.  Contacted them like 100 times.  Still nothing.
BUT THEY DO PAY SO DON'T LET ME STOP YOU.  Just my experience.  try it for yourself FREE. Great thing is you can cash out anytime.   !!! so I don't mind that.

EBATES.COM-  $10 FOR SIGNING UP.... YEAH ITS TRUE.  Shop and get paid back it happens but there is a catch yes.   You don't get it right away you have to earn it even though it is $10 sitting in the account staring at you but you can't use it cause you have to shop.  But don't let it stop you.  If you are a shopper please this rewards you like no other.  With Great Deals.

How about health and fitness stuff..... One of my favorite first I like it cause we can blog on it and get totally free networking and free recipes, add recipes, tools this site is amazing.  Now making money still waiting for that.   But trust me it is a great site......  And the more you do this the more you are able to earn just for trying to get healthy CLICK THE PHOTO BELOW TO GET STARTED

MINTVINE.COM -  THEY ARE PRETTY GOOD.  The thing is most gets approved and they have a very cool setup and easy to do.   You get points and turn that into cash or gift cards.  So like this just may take some work.  Plus they do promo codes for bonuses and others.  Got a try it.... They got a good BBB rating.   

BETABRAND.COM-  SO  you can get $5 just for clicking on the link.  And if you are a fitness nut like we are great clothing.   Crowdfunding goes on how about get someone to join they get $15 to shop with and so do you.  Plus if you want to network or promote your designs get your very own profile and start gaining friends.   Or if you are a blogger it is even better.  

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Girly Things Amazing Dresses

Royal Dresses

Vida Shop Girlie Girl Loves Fashion Week

Are you an artist? Designer?   Can't get to NYFW  well its okay cause there is a way to showcase your designs with a Beverly Hills Boutique that has quality in mind and artist at heart.   And it helps earn the Artist status as they move up in making Orders.    Take a look at the Online Runway Showcase of some of the Top Artist even celebrities are on there like Traci K , Nicole, and Others.

Ways to earn  with their Rewards where you spend a dollar get one point and much more
follow them on instagram get 10 points 200 points on your birthday... and even a $25 gift card if your artist gets so many orders include that in a chance to where we actually earned enough to buy and fancy clutch....


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ebates $10 Gift Card Bonus and $50 Tell-A-Friend Promotion

The Ebates cash back shopping network is currently offering a $10 Gift Card bonus when you open a new account and spend $25 or more at your favorite stores within 1 year of joining.
Plus, you can earn $50 for the first 2 friends that you refer with the special Tell-A-Friend promotion from July 1st to September 30, 2017.
Ebates is a free network that allows you to earn cash rebates when you shop online from a huge variety of popular retailers.

Ebates $10 Gift Card Sign-Up Bonus

Get a $10 Gift Card from Ebates when you open a free Ebates account and make a qualifying purchase.
You should see the $10 gift card promotional page at the above referral link.
The $10 bonus gift card will be earned after you make purchases totaling $25 or more that earn cash back through the Ebates shopping network within 1 year following signing up.
You can earn a $10 gift card from Macy’s, Walmart, Target, or Kohl’s.
You can also opt to receive $5 in cash rewards from Ebates instead of a gift card.

Ebates Offering $50 to $25,000 in Referrals

Ebates is running a special referral promotion for bonus referral credits that runs from July 1st to September 30, 2017.
You can receive from $40 to $20,000 in extra referral bonuses when you refer your friends during the promotional period, and that’s on top of the regular $5 referral bonus per person.
You’ll receive $50 for your first 2 referrals, plus you can earn even more beyond that.
Full Referral Bonus Breakdown:
  • 2 referrals x $5 + $40 bonus = $50 total
  • 10 referrals x $5 + $100 bonus = $150 total
  • 25 referrals x $5 + $275 bonus = $400 total
  • 50 referrals x $5 + $600 bonus = $850 total
  • 100 referrals x $5 + $1,500 bonus = $2,000 total
  • 200 referrals x $5 + $3,000 bonus = $4,000 total
  • 300 referrals x $5 + $4,500 bonus = $6,000 total
  • 400 referrals x $5 + $6,000 bonus = $8,000 total
  • 500 referrals x $5 + $7,500 bonus = $10,000 total
  • 600 referrals x $5 + $9,500 bonus = $12,500 total
  • 700 referrals x $5 + $11,500 bonus = $15,000 total
  • 800 referrals x $5 + $13,500 bonus = $17,500 total
  • 900 referrals x $5 + $15,500 bonus = $20,000 total
  • 1,000 referrals x $5 + $20,000 bonus = $25,000 total
  • Earn $2,000 for every additional 100 referrals after 1,000.
so perfect for the Girlie Girl Love Shopping.......